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Coffee doesn’t have to be complicated.

Really, it doesn’t.

Come sip our piping hot, freshly ground brew and you’ll be a believer.

We promise to keep things simple – we’ll combine freshly ground organic fair-trade beans with triple-filtered water to produce smooth, velvety beverages that we guarantee will be great every time you order.

We’ve simplified things further by offering only a handful of authentic, hand-crafted coffeehouse favorites in just one size – 16 ounces.

In a hurry? Drive thru. Time to kill? Come in! We do offer Wi-Fi but be forewarned that we put all of our efforts into researching great coffee – not into love seats, silk flowers or magazine subscriptions.

Like we said, we’re selling coffee. Not confusion.

Simple Sip CoffeeSimple Sip CoffeeSimple Sip CoffeeSimple Sip CoffeeSimple Sip CoffeeSimple Sip Coffee

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