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the SipSelection

the SipSelection

all drinks are 16 ounces and all prices include tax

Coffee (hot or iced)

brewed with triple-filtered water, our organic fair-trade house blend is smooth and comforting with a medium bite

sweeten your cup with natural sugar, agave nectar or cream


an alternative to our drip coffee, we add two (three or four!) organic fair-trade espresso shots to triple-filtered hot water

dress it as you would your coffee – with natural sugar, agave nectar or cream

Latte (hot or iced)

two shots of organic espresso swirled with milk and infused with hazelnut, caramel or vanilla

Mocha (hot or iced)

two organic espresso shots and milk with decadent chocolate, white chocolate or caramel – topped with fresh whip


steamed milk with your choice of flavor – foam mustache guaranteed!

Chai Tea (hot or iced)

cinnamon and honey for sweet, ginger and cloves for savory – swirled with milk and served with a ginger candy

Hot Chocolate

dark chocolate folded into steamed milk and with fresh whip on the top and bottom of the cup – our interpretation of the classic comfort

Orange Juice

bright and sweet with a little pulp – served with fresh orange slices in summer

Fresh Fruit Parfait (seasonal)

fresh berries, peaches or pears layered with Greek yogurt, organic granola and locally harvested pecans – made to order!

Grilled Egg-n-Cheese Sandwich

jumbo croissant layered with fresh muenster cheese and a fluffy fried egg white – grilled to perfection

Bacon Breakfast Sandwich

crispy bacon, a peppered fried egg white, fresh Havarti cheese and Blue Ridge Mountain tomato jam – grilled on a fresh butter croissant or English muffin

all drink recipes are formulated using cow’s milk – tastes may vary with milk substitution

we always use triple-filtered water and fresh ingredients

your satisfaction is guaranteed!

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