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the SipStory

the SipStory

Coffee doesn’t have to be complicated.

You don’t need fancy names or dozens of options. You just need a simple menu centered around fresh, organic fair-trade coffee beans.

Our coffee and espresso beans are ground just moments before they hit your cup and brewed with triple-filtered water to produce smooth, velvety beverages. We can sweeten your cup with all-natural sugar, agave nectar or fresh cream. Or craft your favorite drink with our premium sauces, syrups and fresh whip!

Each beverage is hand-crafted and authentic.

We’re keeping things simple.


Barista having a bad day? Regardless, today’s brew will be just as great as yesterday’s – we’ve perfected our formula and we guarantee consistency.


We believe that if we perfect the basics there is no need to distract you with fancy names or countless options. We offer just a few drinks, made perfectly.


We’ve simplified things further by offering just one size – 16 ounces should do the job. If not, order two!


Our pricing is simple too. Our basic brew is just $2. And all prices include sales tax.


You are always welcome in our lobby or on our patio (yes, free Wi-Fi), but our drive-thru option means you can get your coffee and get back on the road!

Like we said, we’re selling coffee. Not confusion.

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